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St. Bernard Fire Department is made up of 5 divisions: Administration, Communications, Suppression, Fire Prevention, and Fire Training.  

Administration division

The Administration Division is headed by the Assistant Chief of Administration who works closely with the Fire Chief and all division heads within the department.  The Assistant Chief of Administration is responsible for the oversite of all business operations and human resource functions of the fire department including budgeting, payroll, policies and procedures, recruitment and retention, departmental investigations, and employee accountability.  The Administration Division also provides guidance and support to the other divisions through planning, record keeping, and program development.

The Assistant Chief of Administration oversees and coordinates the Prevention and Communications Divisions and all personnel with administrative duties.  In additional to the intradepartmental duties of the position, the Assistant Chief of Administration acts as liaison between the fire department and other parish government departments and both public and private outside agencies in order to facilitate activities and services associated with the organization.  

Communications division

The Communications Division handles all of the more than 5,000 emergency calls we respond to each year.  The Division also helps coordinate the daily events of the St. Bernard Parish Fire Department ensuring that emergency services and resources remain readily available. 

Our Communications Officers operate the departments 911 center, referred to as “Fire Alarm” 24 hours a day utilizing 12-hour shifts.  Fire Alarm works closely with the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office 911 dispatch center and other outside agencies to ensure the proper public safety resources are dispatched when needed.

Communication Officers are responsible for the initial training of relief operators and assure they remain properly trained in the latest emergency dispatch standards.

fire training division

The St. Bernard Parish Fire Department (SBFD) Training Division is committed to providing our community and visitors with the highest quality of emergency services.  This is accomplished by ensuring all members of the SBFD and its public safety partners receive cutting edge training on the latest fire and emergency topics, including incident management, firefighter safety and survival, fire suppression, hazardous materials, emergency medical services, apparatus operations, technical rescue, and resource management.  Training takes place throughout St. Bernard Parish, the New Orleans region, state of Louisiana, and other parts of the country.

The Training Division is not only responsible for initial training of new employees, but on-going refresher and continuing education. This includes training for recruits and promotional classes for the ranks of Engineer/Operator, Captain and Chief Officers. Each year our firefighters receive annual EMS, CPR, Hazardous Materials, Emergency Driving, Human Resources, and Technical Rescue refresher training.  The Training Division is tasked with ensuring daily required training is coordinated and completed to maintain our state and national standards and compliance with the Fire Insurance Rating requirements.

The St. Bernard Parish Fire Department Training Division is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to enhance the quality and level of emergency services.

Suppression division

The Fire Suppression Division includes 96 personnel divided into three shifts providing a full-time response to all categories of emergencies. Suppression operates around the clock, working three shifts on a 24/48-hour rotation. The Department’s fire stations are strategically located to provide efficient coverage for the Parish. Full-time deployment capabilities include six standard Engine Companies, two Squad Companies, and two 75-foot Quint Aerial apparatus.

Additional reserve apparatus includes two fully equipped engines, two Foam engines, and one Tanker (Water Tender) ready for deployment during large-scale emergencies. Reserve apparatus are manned by callback off-duty personnel.

Fire Suppression personnel provide fire suppression and other services to our community including emergency medical responders, hazardous materials mitigation, and auto extrication. Additionally, specialty services are provided to our community through our Special Operations Response Team (SORT) such as rope rescue, water rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, and structural collapse. Thousands of hours are logged annually to maintain proficiency in all of these disciplines.

Fire Prevention division

The St. Bernard Parish Fire Prevention Bureau provides the highest level of fire prevention services to the citizens who live and work in our community and our visitors through public education, life safety inspections, plans review, code enforcement, and investigations.  The bureau works closely with our local, state, and federal partners, including St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office, Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as well as all other departments within St. Bernard Parish Government.

Fire Prevention Inspectors are responsible for enforcing local and national (NFPA) fire codes by performing life safety inspections in commercial structures which help mitigate existing and potential hazards.  Our personnel also partner with the robust film industry within St. Bernard Parish to ensure safety standards are maintained while on set and during those times that special effects are present.  The Bureau maintains open communications with Assembly venues in the parish to ensure large gatherings and events are conducted in a thoughtful manor in regards to crowd management.

Hundreds of inspections are conducted each year and through public speaking engagements fire prevention personnel educate our citizens in general life and fire safety within the home, workplace, and community.  Our public educators are available to speak to businesses and organizations or at special events, please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.